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  1. ADELAIDE  The  City Beautiful. Tourist Guide.  illus.  with plates,  advts.  some  full page  pub.  Adel.  Bond's  Pub. nd.194-? or.illus.wps. 16mo.obl. pp.100.   Price: $25.00
  2. ADELAIDE  University Magazine. Vol.VI., No.26  illus.  with several  plates, dwgs., advts. t/out. pub. Adel.  Student's Representative council 1931 or.illus.wps. 4to.  pp.VIII.32.   Price: $20.00
  3. ADELAIDE  30 Full Page Views of Adelaide  South Australia. pub.  Adel.  nd.193-?  or. grey  brn.  wps.  with  brn.ltg. cr.4to.obl. pp.unnumbered (30) fine.   Price: $30.00
  4. ADELAIDE Photographic Souvenir. With 17 drop-down views in cream/brown cover. Photo views are Mount Lofty Range from North Terrace, Railway station (panorama), War Memorial looking towards hills, Panorama overlooking Government House, King William Street, Cross of Sacrifice, Rundle Street, North Terrace, Railway Station and Torrens River, reverse side: The Gorge, The Gorge above the Weir, North Terrace, King William Street another view, Elder Park, Grenfell Stret, Cresswell Gardens, GPO King William Street, pub. Melbourne Valentine Pud. Co. nd. c. 1930.s. Fine.    Price: $35.00  (See picture-press   )
  5. ADELAIDE Photographic View Booklet.  With 15 drop-down views in beige/grey cover. Photo views are King William Street, Mount Lofty Range from North Terrace, Torrens Lake, Rundle Street Looking West, General Post Office, Pennington Park and St Peter’s Cathedral, Along The Torrens, reverse side: Grenfell Street, Pennington Park, corner of King William Street and Currie Streets, Victoria Square, North Terrace, Hindmarsh Square, King William Road, Town Hall; pub. Melbourne Valentine Pud. Co. nd. c. late 20’s 1930. Fine.   Price: $25.00   (See picture-press   )
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  6. AUHL  IAN  From Settlement To  City.  A  History  of the District of Tea Tea Gully 1836-1976. profusely illus.  with plates,  maps t/out. some full page pub. Adel. Lynton  Pub. 1976 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.384. Fine copy.   Price: $45.00
  7. BAILLIE P.J.   Port Lincoln And District.  A Pictorial History profusely illus. with plates t/out. some full page pub. South Australia, Blackwood, Lynton Publications, 1978 1st. ed. d/w. cr.4to. pp.168. Fine.    Price: $40.00
  8. BLAKE L.J.   Gold Escort.  South Australia-Mt. Alexander Gold Escort Route 1852-3. illus. with e/paper maps & 6 full page plates t/out. pub. Melb. 1971 d/w. 8vo. pp.IV.228. The story of the South Australian gold escort services that saw to the safe transport of gold from the Victorian fields to Adelaide. The thousands of pounds of gold transported helped keep South Australia solvent through the labour shortages caused by the goldrushes. Fine.   Price: $40.00
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  9. BLACKET Rev. JOHN -  The Early History Of South Australia 1836-1857. A Romantic Experiment in Colonization. illus. with plates from early representations pub. Adelaide Methodist Book Depot, 1907 or, maroon cl. cr.8vo. pp.393 Two sl. different title pages. Song "The Pioneers" composed by H.S. Scarfe and sung by the colonists in 1857 given after Dedication Page. "Dedicated to the Memory of the South Australians who Died in connection with the Transvaal War" with likeness of Lieutenant Powell of Mount Gambier - The First to Fall. Sl. shelf wear otherwise fine copy.    Price: $150.00   Convert Currency  Parcel Costs
  10. BLACKET Rev. JOHN History Of South Australia A Romantic and Successful Experiment in Colonization. illus. with frontis. numerous illus. and a full-page map. pub. Adelaide Husser & Gillingham 1911 Second Edition Revised and Enlarged and continued to a Later Period. or. maroon cl. 8vo. pp.XXIV.480. Very good copy.   Price: $150.00
  11. BROOMHILL  RAY Unemployed Workers. A social history of  the Great Depression  in Adelaide. pub. Qld. Uni.  Press  1978 d/w. 8vo. pp.XIV.220. Fine.   Price: $35.00
  12. BOEHM E.W. H.W. TULLOCH Grape  Varieties  Of  South Australia. illus. with 30 full page col. plates t/out.  one map  text dwgs.  pub.  Adel.  Dept.  of  Agriculture  1967 8vo. pp.96.   Price: $35.00
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  13. BONYTHON  C.  WARREN Walking The Flinders  Ranges.  illus. with e/paper maps & 32 full page plates t/out. mostly  col. 8  maps, bibliography, appendices, index; pub. Adel. Rigby 1973 d/w.  roy.8vo. pp.232. Walking the Flinders from end to end with descriptions of the terrain mingled with accounts of the author's adventures, snatches of history, personal comments, stories of his companions, short dissertations on scientific subjects.   Price: $35.00
  14. BROCK  DANIEL GEORGE To The Desert With Sturt. A Diary of the  1844 Expedition. Ed. with a Preface by Kenneth  Peak-Jones  illus. with e/paper maps, col. frontis. &  facsimile pages from Daniel  Brock's  diary.  pub.   Adel.   Royal Geographical  Soc. of Aust. 1975 d/w.  8vo.  pp.222. Daniel Brock joined Sturt's party as armourer and collector. His journal was not intended for publication, he wrote it as a day to day account for his mother in England. It lay unnoticed until 1966, it agrees factually with Sturt's account in most particulars, but its tone is far different. Enthusiasm, grief, anger, fear and frustration are on every page. signed by Kenneth Peake-Jones. Fine copy.    Price: $50.00
  15. BROCK DANIEL  GEORGE Recollections Of  D.G.B.  1843. earlier dairy by the author of "To the Desert with  Sturt." illus. with frontis. & 16 full page plates t/out. of  which 15  are col. maps, appendix, notes, bibliography, pub. Adel. royal Geographical Soc.  of  Aust. 1981 d/w. 8vo. pp.62. This recounts Brock's experiences when travelling through the settled areas of South Australia with pony and dog, collecting statistics for the 'South Australian Almanac' Fine copy.   Price: $35.00
  16. BROWN JUDITH Country Life In Pioneer South Australia. profusely illus. with plates t/out. some full page & col. by Barbara Mullins pub. Adel. Rigby 1977 1st ed. d/w. cr.4to. pp.200. Brown and Mullins explored country areas in search of pioneer homes, still occupied, and those long abandoned. Gift inscription to f/free e/paper, else fine.   Price: $40.00
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  17. BURGESS H. T. (editor). The Cyclopedia Of South Australia. 2 Volumes: illus. with frontispiece b/w photo plates, b/w maps, pub. (SA): Hampstead Gardens Austaprint, 1978. Facsimile. First published in Adelaide by The Cyclopedia Company in 1907-1909, in two volumes; this facsimile published 1978 or. maroon cl. 4to. pp.VIII.630; Vol.II.VIII. No dustwrapper (as issued); some very slight flecking on covers, otherwise very good condition.  Price: $330.00
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  18. CARMICHAEL ERN The Ill - Shaped Leg. A story of the development of Yorke Peninsula. illus. with b/w. plates, map illustrations; pub. Adelaide n.p., n.d 1973 or. beige cl. 8vo. pp.XII.148. very good copy.   Price: $55.00    Convert Currency  Parcel Costs
  19. CASSON  MARJORY R. Loxton. District and town. illus.  with 14  full  page plates t/out. e/paper maps pub.  Melb.  1972 d/w. 8vo. pp.134.     Price:  $30.00
  20. CENTENARY COMMITTEE   Port MacDonnell Centenary Celebrations 1860 - 1960 pub. Mt. Gambier Border Watch., 1960 or. stiff stapled light aqu. wrappers, 8vo. pp.96 History of this South East Australian sea port and programme of events for the Centenary celebrations. Almost fine. Price: $25.00
  21. COLWELL MAX The History Of The Noarlunga District. illus. with  e/paper maps & numerous plates t/out. some full  page biographical, appendix; pub. S.A. 1972 or. blue cl. Cloth boards are decorated with the coat of arms of the District Council Of Noarlunga.4to. pp.102. Fine.   Price: $35.00
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  22. COMMONWEALTH Of Australia. Telephone directory. Adelaide February 1943. With Classified and Business Section. illus. with advts. t/out. pub. Adel. Commonwealth Of Australia 1943. Names in quadruple column. Pink pages at rear. or. wrappers 4to. pp.156.10. Hole punched through all pages at top margin near spine for string (remnants still attached) sl. chipped to wrappers. Pages are very flimsy and browned being printed on wartime butcher's paper, all clear and legible, very good condition.    Price: $250.00
  23. CUMPSTON J.S. Kangaroo Island 1800-1836. illus. with 28 full page plates t/out. text drawings, maps; pub. Canberra Roebuck Society Pub. 1970 1st ed. or. col. illus. boards, cr.4to. pp.X.198. fine copy.     Price:  $50.00
  24. DULHUNTY ROMA The Spell Of Lake Eyre. with e/paper maps & 16  full page plates t/out. of which 8 are col.  pub.  Vic. Kilmore  Lowden  Pub.  Co. 1975 1st.ed.  d/w.  8vo. pp.XII.176.    Price: $35.00
  25. DOUGLAS JOHN & Ed. by W.V. MacFarlane South Australia From Space.  illus.  with 24 full page col.  plates  &  numerous diagrams,  maps  t/out.  pub.  Adel.  Rigby  1980   1st.ed. or.illus.bds 4to. pp.104. Fine.   Price: $30.00
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  26. DUTTON  GEOFFREY Founder Of A City. The life  of  Colonel William  Light,  first Surveyor-General of  the  Colony  of South Australia, founder of Adelaide 1786-1839. illus. with e/paper maps frontis. & 14 plates pub. Melb. Cheshire  1960 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.324. Near fine copy.   Price: $35.00
  27. ELDER DAVID Introduction and notes by. William Light's Brief Journal And Australian Diaries. illus. with frontis & several text plates t/out pub. Adel. Wakefield Press 1984 1st ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.VIII.184.     Price:  $40.00
  28. FROME   Colonial Surveying. illus. with text drawing, pub. Adel. Public Library or South Australia, 1962 Miscellaneous Facsimile Editions No.1 or. blue cl. glt. ltg to front board, 8vo. pp.20. Fine copy.     Price: $100.00
  29. GALWAY MARIE   Lady Galway Belgium Book illus. with tipped-in col. plates, b/w. illus. plates; many are photographs of Belgian towns, other plates inc. Painting by Will Ashton, G.A. Barnes, sketches by Samuel Prout and others; pub. Adelaide, Hussey & Gillingham 1916 or. half leather with beige cloth, gilt to spine, 4to. pp.172. Deluxe edition. Articles and stories published for the Belgian War Relief Fund in 1916. Articles by Sir Douglas Mawson, Admiral Creswell, Winnifred Scott, Hon. P. McM Glynn, K.c. and many others. 'Lady Galway married Sir Henry Lionel Galway. Six weeks later he was appointed governor of South Australia and took office on 18 April 1914. Lady Galway founded the South Australian division of the British Red Cross Society; to assist the sick and wounded, and establish a missing persons bureau. She directed this organization until 1919, as she did the Belgian Relief Fund for which she produced the Lady Galway Belgium Book (1916). Founding president of the League of Loyal Women, a body that supplied comforts for servicemen, she also persuaded the Institute of Accountants in South Australia to train sixty female bookkeepers as temporary replacements for male clerks who had enlisted. Despite her husband's zeal in fomenting hysteria against Australians of German descent, no one seemed to mind that she was half German. She travelled widely, addressed hundreds of meetings, wrote thousands of letters and helped to raise over £1,200,000 for patriotic causes. For her efforts she was awarded the Belgian médaille de la Reine Elisabeth and the médaille de la Reconnaissance Française, and was appointed dame of grace of the Order of St John and C.B.E. (1926). Before her departure in January 1919 (fifteen months ahead of her husband) the State's women war-workers gave her a diamond and opal necklace. Adelaide's leader-writers noted that her arresting personality, untiring activity and oratorical power had enabled her to exercise a real influence over the trend of public thought, and that she had 'raised the whole status of women in public life'. Fine.    Price: $160.00
  30. GILES ERNEST The Journal Of A Forgotten Expedition Reprinted from the "Adelaide Observer" illus. with folding map at rear; pub. Adelaide, Corkwood Press, 1999 facsimile of 1880 ed. or. green cl. gilt to front & spine; 8vo. pp.VI.58. Limited to 400 copies. This being copy No.8. Reset from the first published edition of 1880, Giles' account of his expedition in the West of South Australia. Fine.  Price: $125.00
  31. GILL THOMAS  A Brief Sketch of the Coinage And Paper Currency Of South Australia With Facsimile Illustrations of the First Currency Notes, and other interesting Documents, including Reprints of the Historic 'Bullion' and 'Gold Token' Acts, of 1852. illus. with 22 plates (one folding), 2 folding facsimile documents (8 and 4 pages respectively), a folding map and a tipped-in errata slip. pub. Adelaide, Vardon & Sons, Printers [for the RGSSA], 1912 1st. ed. half black leather and dark green cloth; (spine rebound & stamped) 8vo. pp.102. previous owner's name to f/free e/paper, & bookplate else v/good.   Price: $275.00
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  32. GORDON DAVID J. Handbook Of South Australia. Progress And Resources. A comprehensive guide for settlers and tourists; with over 208 illustrations, advts, maps, plates; title page vign, pub. Adel. and issued by Government of S.A. 1908 or. card boards cr.4to. pp.XII.346. fine copy.    Price: $300.00
  33. HEINRICH RHODA Governor Fergusson's Legacy. History of Maitland-Kilkerran. illus. with end-paper maps, col. frontis. numerous black & white text illustrations; pub. Adelaide The author 1972 d/w. 8vo. pp.X.270. Story of part of the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia. Fine.   Price: $45.00
  34. HEYLIGERS  P.C.  Gail Keig, E. Loffler, C.  Margules,  R.M. Scott.  &  M.E.  Sullivan. Report.  Environments  Of  South Australia,  Province  5  Eastern Pastoral  And  Province  6 Flinders Ranges.  illus. with text plates,  charts,  maps, t/out. folding map loosely inserted pub. Canberra  Division for Land Use Research 1977 or.illus.wps. 4to. pp.220.     Price:  $30.00
  35. HILL LES R. Mount Gambier. The City Around A Cave. A Regional History. illus. with many text plates t/out. pub. Adel. Investigator Press 1972 1st.ed. or. green pict. cl. 8vo. pp.320. sl. flecked at spine otherwise very good condition.   Price: $35.00   Convert Currency  Parcel Costs
  36. HODGE CHAS. R.   Encounter Bay The Miniature Naples of Australia: A Short History of the Romantic South Coast of South Australia illus. with portrait frontispiece, 20 illustrations pub. Adelaide by the Author nd. c. 1932 printed at The Advertiser Office, Adelaide, original stiff wrappers 8vo. pp.XII.174. short closed tear to top of spine else very good copy.   Price: $45.00
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  37. JAMES T. HORTON Six Months in South Australia; With Some Account of Port Philip and Portland Bay, in Australia Felix; With Advice to Emigrants; to which is added a Monthly Calender of Gardening and Agriculture. Adapted to the Climate and Seasons. illus. with 1 fold out b/w map; at rear; pub. State Library of South Australia 1962 Australiana Facsimile Editions No. 18 {first published in London in 1838} faux leather cr.12mo. pp.VIII.296. Thomas James arrived in South Australia in early 1838 and he was not impressed. The passengers had to walk through mud when disembarknig the boat, and then probably walk to Adelaide as bullock carts were regularly unavailable. Fine.   Price: $150.00
  38. JEANES W.H. Historic Glenelg. Birthplace of South Australia 1855-1979. illus. with col. frontis. & many b/w. plates t/out. pub. South Aust. 1980 d/w. cr.4to. pp.XVI.366. A history of the City of Glenelg to June 1979, incorporating the book compiled by W.H. Jeanes, O.B.E., in 1955. Fine copy.    Price: $45.00
  39. JENKIN GRAHAM Two Years On Bardunyah Station. Being an account of the experiences of a jackaroo, together with some poems and drawings by author; pub. Pitjantjara, Adelaide, 1967. 1st ed. small cr. 4to; dust wrapper, pp.VI.74, glossary, Stories and poems. Based on the author's experiences jackarooing in the Far North. Fine.   Price: $30.00
  40. JONES ALAN Tatiara. The First 140 Years 1845-1985. illus. with b/w photographs, maps and plans, illus. end-papers. pub. South Australia District Council of Tatiara, Bordertown 1985; or. pictorial laminated boards cr.4to. pp.XII.816. Fine copy.   Price: $45.00
  41. KERR MARGARET GOYDER Colonial Dynasty. The Chambers Family of  South  Australia.  Early  pioneering  family  in   S.A. pastoral,  transportation, mining, hotels. illus. with  many plates t/out.  pub. Adel. Rigby 1980 1st.ed.  d/w. 8vo. pp.160.   Price: $35.00
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  42. KINGSCOTE COUNTRY WOMEN'S Assoc. Compiled & pub. by. Kangaroo Island Past And Present. Being a short history of the oldest settlement in South Australia. pub. South Aust. Nd.195-? illus. with 8 full page plates t/out. 2 col. or.illus.bsd. d/w. 8vo. pp.54.    Price: $40.00   Convert Currency  Parcel Costs
  43. LAUT P. P.C. Heyligers, Gail Keig, E. Loffler C. Margulers, R.M.Scott,  M.E.  Sullivan. Report. Environments  Of  South Australia.  Province 7 Western Pastoral. illus.  with  text plates,  charts, maps, t/out. folding map loosely  inserted pub.   Canberra  Division  of  Land  Use   Research   Comm. Scientific  and  Industrial  Research  Organization.   1977 or.illus.wps. 4to. pp.184.    Price: $30.00
  44. LAUBE ANTHONY They Were Trimmers. Victor Harbour in the 1900s. Memoirs of Walter Buxton Bruce. Retold by Anthony Laube. illus. with numerous b/w illustrations, index; pub. printed in Adelaide by Gillingham Printers 1992 or. illustrated slick boards, 8vo. pp.X.156. Presentation copy signed by author. Fine copy.  Price: $40.00
  45. LEAKE PETER Big River Glenelg. illus. with 17  full  page plates t/out. pub. Melb. Hawthorn Press 1978 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.92.   Price: $30.00
  46. LEIGH W. H. Esq Travels & Adventures In South Australia 1836-1838 Reconnoitering Voyages and Travels, with Adventures . in South Australia; A particular description of The Town of Adelaide, and Kangaroo Island; and an account of the Present State of Sydney and Parts Adjacent During the years 1836,1837,1838 illus. with frontis. and 3 full-page plates (engravings)
    pub. Sydney Currawong Facsimile copy of the 1839 edition limited to 2000 copies, d/w. 8vo. pp.216. The author was the surgeon of the Australia Company's ship "South Australia" View of early settlement in South Australia. From squalid slave ship conditions aboard an immigrant ship to the often miserable struggle of early bush life. Fine copy.   Price: $35.00
  47. LEWIS H. JOHN Salisbury. South Australia. A history of town and district. profusely illus. with plates t/out. many full page  & col. pub. Adel. Investigator  Press  1980  1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.352. Fine copy.  Price: $40.00
  48. LINN ROB Cradle Of Adversity. A history of the Willunga District. illus. with many plates th/out. some full page & col. select bibliography. endnotes. index. pub. Adel. Historical Consultants 1991 1st ed. d/w. roy.8vo. pp.XII.194. Fine copy.   Price: $75.00
  49. LITCHFIELD LOIS Marree and the Tracks Beyond in Black and White. Commemorating the Centenary of Marree 1883-1983 illus. with 7 maps and plans, 431 illustrations, and illus. endpapers. pub. Adelaide The Author/Gillingham Printers 1984 or. illus. laminated boards black to spine with white lettering; 4to. pp.X.198. Fine.   Price: $55.00
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  50. MCKINLAY J.   Sketch Of Explorations By the Late John McKinlay in the Interior of Australia, 1861-2.  Being a Paper read before the Cowal Society, October 28th, 1878, and published at the request of the Society - Australiana Facsimile Editions No. 2. illus. with map frontis. engraved illustrations, title page vign. pub. Public Library of South Australia, Adelaide, 1962; or. brown boards 8vo. pp.48 ex. Lib. one cancelled lib. stamp to title page else fine copy.    Price: $100.00
  51. MASTERMAN  MERVINA Flinders Chase. Kangaroo Island, South Australia.  Place of enchantment for  nature-lovers.  with e/paper  maps & many illus. by author t/out. 4 full page  & col. pub. Melb. Georgian House nd.195-? or.illus.bds.  d/w. 8vo. pp.62. silverfished to one corner otherwise fine.   Price:  $25.00
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  52. MELENG F.E.   Fifty years of the Port Adelaide Institute, Incorporated. With Supplementary catalogue. profusely illus. with plates throughout, some full page, portraits and interest. adverts; pub. Adelaide 1902 1st ed. gilt roy.8vo. pp.VIII.84.IV.124.XX. Little flecked to spine else fine.   Price: $100.00
  53. MINCHAM HANS The Story Of The Flinders Ranges. illus. with e/paper maps & numerous plates pub. Adel. Rigby 1965 (revised edition), d/w.  8vo. pp.306. History of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia & natural history. Slight shelf wear, otherwise fine.   Price: $35.00
  54. MINCHAM HANS  Hawker... The Hub Of The Flinders. The Story of the Hawker District Embracing the Towns of Cradock, Wilson, Hookina and Wonoka with b/w illustrations throughout, maps, index; pub. Adelaide Hawker Centenary Committee 1980 or. illustrated papered boards, illustrated endpapers, 4to. pp. pp.XII.226. previous owner's name to f/free e/paper. Fine.    Price: $45.00
  55. MONFRIES JOHN ELLIOT  Gumeracha 1839-1939 illus. with with black & white photographs pub. SA Lynton Pub. 1978 or. laminated pictorial boards 8vo. pp.184. A history of Gumeracha and district, South Australia. Inscription to f/free e/paper, otherwise fine.   Price: $40.00
  56. MORGAN  E.J.R. The Adelaide Club 1863-1963.  illus.  with frontis.  & 16 full page plates t/out. e/paper illus.  pub. Adel. privately printed for the Adelaide Club 1963  1st.ed. or. maroon cl., ornge. leather insert to spine & front  bd. front bd. with glt. crest, glt. ltg. to spine, plain  grey d/w.  4to. pp.XII.136. limited to eight hundred  copies  of which this is No.565. v/fine.  Price: $75.00
  57.  MOUNT GAMBIER Photographic Souvenir Of. With 15 drop-down views in grey/black illus. cover. Photo views are Umpherton Cave, Blue lake and Pumping station, Commercial Street, Blue Lake, Cave Gardens, The Hospital, Blue Lake other view, Drive round Lake, The Look-out, Leg of Mutton Lake, Gordon Monument & Vicinity, Valley Lake, Panorama of Brown’s & Valley Lakes, Overlooking Brown’s Lake & Mt. Gambia, Leg of Mutton Lake; pub. Melbourne Valentine Pud. Co. nd. c. 1930.s. Fine.    Price: $30.00   (See picture-press   )
  58. MURDOCH J. and H. Parker A History of Naracoorte. illus. with black & white full page plates t/out. South Australia for the authors 1974 revised edition or. card wrappers, (paperback), 8vo. pp.160. Fine copy.  Price: $30.00
  59. NAGEL PAULA   North Adelaide 1837-1901 with photographs/ illustrations, folding maps at rear. pub. Adelaide nd. 1970? or card cover 8vo. pp.86. "A Study of the evolution of a suburb and its community during its first sixty-four years showing the emergence of distinctly separate classes and the consequences that these distinctions brought." Signed by author. Very good copy.    Price: $30.00
  60. NIXON F.R. Twelve Views In Adelaide And  Its  Vicinity. South Australia. Drawn, etched, and printed in  1845  pub. Adel. Libraries Board of S.A. 1968 (Australiana  facsimile editions No.186.) or. cream bds. gilt lettering to spine, cr.4to.obl. pp.30. 12 full-page reproductions of prints "drawn, etched and printed by F.R. Nixon." Very good copy.  Price: $35.00
  61. NORMAN W.A. The History of the City Of Mitcham illus. with pub. The Corporation of the City of Mitcham, 1954 1st. ed. to commemorate the City of Mitcham's centenary year in 1953. or. blue cl. 8vo. pp.X.298. Previous owner's name to f/free e/paper, else v/good.   Price: $40.00
  62. O'CONNOR PAM and Brian  Second To None A story of the Rural Pioneers of Mount Gambier. illus. with many b/w. text plates t/out. e/paper plans; pub. District Council of Mount Gambier, Mount Gambier, 1988 d/w. 8vo. pp.368 VI. Appendix; index; bibliography. Presentation copy from the "...District Council 10th June 1990." Fine.    Price: $55.00
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  63. PARNELL NANCY  Orroroo Rendezvous of the Magpie. illus. with black & white illustrations, endpaper maps. pub. SA Orroroo Centenary Committee, SA 1975 1st. ed. or. pictorial boards cr.4to. pp.140. A History of Orroroo and Hundreds of Erskine, Walloway, Coomooroo and Black Rock Plains. Fine copy.   Price: $45.00
  64. PIKE  PHILLIP JULIAN MOORE Captain  Sweet's  Adelaide. with  illus. e/papers, frontis. & 65 plates many full  page pub. Adel. Longweed Media 1983 1st.ed. d/w. 4to.obl. pp.104. Biography of Samuel Sweet, South Australia's foremost colonial photographer, with approximately 54 of his images reproduced; a number of the scenes are coupled with their modern-day equivalents. Fine copy.   Price: $45.00
  65. PITCHER  W.B. Victorian And Edwardian Adelaide  From  Old Photographes. profusely illus. with photo plates t/out.  many full page pub. Syd. John Ferguson 1977 1st.ed.  d/w. 4to. pp.XII.114.    Price: $50.00
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  76. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN   Centenary Celebrations 1836-1936. Official Souvenir  Programme  Dec.18th 31st 1936. illus.  with many text  plates  t/out. pub. Adel. Advertiser  newspaper  1936 or.illus.wps. cr.4to. pp.32. Fine.    Price: $55.00
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  86. WILEY A.J.   Specialty Wood Turner. Prospect South Australia. Wholesale List August 1st 1933. Price List of woodturning, items including: Ash Tray, Beads, Book ends, Book Marks, Boomerang, Candlestick, Cigarette Containers, Inkwells, bowls, etc.; pub. Adelaide 1933 or grey wrappers, 16mo. pp.4. Almost fine.    Price: $20.00
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