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  1. ADAM-SMITH  PATSY  There Was A  Ship.  Patsy Adam-Smith's story of  her years at sea. illus. with many  text  plates t/out.  pub. Melb. Nelson 1983 d/w. sm.4to.  pp.240. v/fine copy.     Price: $35.00
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  2. AINSLIE KENNETH   Pacific Ordeal with double page maps & 6 b/w. illustrations; pub. London Rupert Hart-Davis 1956 1st. ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.252. Captain Ainslie set out with a seagoing tug to haul four old wooden minesweepers from Panama to Manila, faced with storms, broken towlines, mutiny, amateur surgery, engine failure, marooning he pushed on under sails made of hatch covers and blankets. Tape ghosts to d/w. past-down boards, name to free e/paper otherwise a very good copy.    Price: $30.00
  3. ALBION  ROBERT GREENHALGH Square-Riggers On Schedule. New York Sailing Packets to England, France, and the Cotton Ports. illus. with frontis., title page vign. 14 full page plates t/out. pub. U.S.A. & Lond. Princeton Uni. Press 1938 8vo. pp.XIV.372. fine.     Price: $150.00
  4. ALLISTON JOHN Destroyer Man. Covers author's  experiences as Commander of H.M.A.S. Warramunga during the  Philippines campaign  during  W.W.II. with e/paper illus. 8  full  page plates  t/out.,  6  maps pub. Melb.  greenhouse  Pub.  1985 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.188.     Price: $45.00
  5. AMERICA'S  CUP  1962 Souvenir Program  of  the  Eighteenth International  Yacht Race for the America's Cup.  Challenge by Gretel-and  the  man behind  the  challenge  Sir  Frank Packer.  profusely illus. with plates, advts.  t/out.  some full  page  &  col. pub. U.S.A. 1962  or.  col.  illus.wps. roy.4to. pp.80. fine.     Price: $50.00
  6. ANDERSON JOE  Murray Riverman. The life of George Freeman. pub.  Melb. Hill of Content 1985 1st.ed. p/b. 8vo.  pp.190. v/fine.   Price: $30.00
  7. ANDERSON Captain LINDSAY Among Typhoons And Pirate Craft  illus. with frontis. & 2 full page plates t/out. pub. Melbourne Heritage Book Group 1992 facsimile reprint of 1892 edition, or. burgundy faux leather with gilt lettering 12mo. pp.VIII.284. Anderson's story of his travels by sea in the nineteenth century, through the south china seas with landings including China and Japan.    Price: $35.00
  8. ANDERSON WILLIAM R. USN Nautilus 90 North. The astonishing feat  of the first Atomic Submarine and its voyage beneath the  Polar  Ice Pack. with illus. e/papers & 16  full  page plates  t/out.  pub. Lond. Hodder & Stoughton  1959 d/w. 8vo. pp.190.   Price: $35.00
  9. ANDREWS GRAEME A Log Of Australian Ships. profusely illus. t/out.  pub.  Syd. Reed 1980 1st.ed.  d/w.  8vo.obl. pp.160.    Price: $45.00
  10. ANDREWS GRAEME Australian Ships Of Australia And New Zealand. profusely illus. t/out.  pub.  Syd. Reed 1976 1st.ed. d/w.  cr.4to.obl. pp.136. List of Australian and New Zealand veteran ships at rear.    Price: $35.00
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  11. ARCHIBALD  E.H.H. The Wooden Fighting Ship. In  the  Royal  Navy AD 897-1860. with illus. e/papers & many dwgs.  t/out. some  col.  &  full page pub. Lond.  Blandford  Press  1968 1st.ed. d/w. roy.4to. pp.174.    Price: $75.00
  12. AUSTRALIAN Naval History-Outline Of. illus. with frontis. 5 full  page plates t/out. & folding map at rear  pub.  Melb. R.A.N. Education Service 1955 or.blu.bds. 8vo. pp.48. fine.   Price: $30.00
  13. AUSTRALIAN  WAR MEMORIAL H.M.A.S. Written and prepared  by serving  personnel of the R.A.N. with e/paper  illus. col. frontis.  cartoons,  dwgs., plates, some col. &  full  page pub. Canberra Aust. War Memorial 1942 1st. ed. 4to. pp.200.   Price: $25.00
  14. AUSTRALIAN  WAR  MEMORIAL  H.M.A.S.  Mk.II. Written and prepared  by  Service personnel of the R.A.N.  with  illus. e/papers col. frontis. plates, dwgs., cartoons t/out.  some col.  & full page pub. Canberra Aust.  War  Memorial  1943 1st. ed. d/w. 4to. pp.200. Very good copy in the slightly chipped d/w.   Price: $30.00
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  15. AUSTRALIAN  WAR  MEMORIAL  H.M.A.S.  Mk.III. The R.A.Ns Third Book,  with e/paper illus.  col. frontis. cartoons, dwgs., plates  t/out.  some full page pub. Canberra Aust. War Memorial 1944 d/w. 4to. pp.200. List of awards to RAN Personnel between September 1943 and September, 1944. Dustwrapper slightly chipped otherwise near fine.   Price: $30.00
  16. AUSTRALIAN WAR  MEMORIAL H.M.A.S.  Mk.IV.  Written and prepared  by  serving personnel of the R.A.N.  with  illus. e/papers  col. frontis. dwgs., plates, cartoons  some  full page & col. pub. Canberra Aust. War Memorial  1945 d/w. 4to. pp.200. fine in d/w. which has piece lacking to spine & front fore-edge.  Price: $30.000
  17. BACON Admiral Sir R.H.  The Concise Story Of The Dover Patrol illus. with portrait frontis. 25 photo plates, charts, 12 diagrams and maps three of which are fold out; pub. London: Hutchinson & Co. 1932 2imp. or. navy blue cloth with gilt lettering on spine 8vo. pp.320.The work of the Dover patrol 1915-1917. Very good copy.    Price: $65.00
  18. BAKER III A.D. Allied Landing Craft of World War Two    London: Arms & Armour, 1986 Reissue, "Originally published in 1944, as ONI 226-Allied landing craft and ships by the U. S. Division of Naval Intelligence, with subsequent supplement ONI 226/1 "- the essential handbook issued during WW2; illus. with over 350 b/w. photographs throughout; d/w. 8vo. oblong pp.unpaginated (150 approx.) Short closed tear to rear of d/w. else fine.   Price: $60.00
  19. BAKER SIDNEY J. My Own Destroyer. A biography of Capt. Matthew Flinders R.N. illus. with frontis. & 7 full page plates t/out. pub. Syd. Currawong Pub. 1962 1st ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.XIV.146. small, neat inscription f/free e/paper else fine.    Price: $50.00
  20.  BAKKA DAG Speed & Service. Wilhelmsen's first century in Australia. with illustrated endpapers, b/w. illustrations, sources; Sydney, Maritime Heritage Press, 1995 1st. ed. d/w. cr.4to. pp.160; fine copy.    Price: $60.00
  21. BALL  ADRIAN & DIANNA WRIGHT S.S. Great Britain. Launched in 1843 and after refitting for nearly twenty years carried nearly 1/4 million passengers to Melbourne. Story of rescue from the Falkland Is. and restoration, along with  examples of ephemera from the ship. illus. with plates t/out. 6 col. pub.  Lond.  David  &  Charles  1981  1st.ed.  d/w. 4to.obl. pp.96.    Price: $75.00
  22. BALLANTYNE Captain The Cool Weather Rout. To and From Australia  by Passenger Steamer in the 1880's. illus.  with plates,  maps,  dgms, dwgs, t/out. pub.  Adel.  Rigby  1981 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.134. Fine copy.    Price: $50.00
  23. BARRINGTON  GEORGE An Account Of  A Voyage To New South Wales. 1775-1840. The first hand  account of one man's part in the saga of  Australia's unique  history.  with 13 illus. some col. pub.  Syd.  View Productions 1985 d/w. 4to. pp.120. Fine copy.    Price: $50.00
  24. BARROW Sir JOHN  The Mutiny Of The Bounty. Illustrated by Nigel Lambourne pub. London Blackie 1961 d/w. 12mo. pp.318. Published to coincide with the bicentenary of the mutiny of the Bounty. Based on his research of unpublished documents and the papers of Captain Peter Heywood—a midshipman on the Bounty--Sir John Barrow answers the two crucial questions raised by the incident: why the crew of the Bounty mutinied in the first place, and why an officer prompted and led the mutiny. Sir John Barrow, was Permanent Secretary to the Admiralty. In 1831, his classic history of the Bounty mutiny was published. Sir John Barrow had access to the papers of Captain Peter Heywood, a midshipman on the Bounty, whose story he tells in full.    Price: $25.00
  25. BARTLETT NORMAN The Pearl Seekers. Story of the Australasian pearling industry. illus. with e/paper maps, frontis. & 36 full page plates t/out. pub. Lond. Andrew Melrose 1954 d/w. 8vo. pp.312. Very good copy.    Price: $40.00
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  26. BARTROP PAUL R. GABTIELLE EISEN The Dunera Affair. Documentary Resource Book. illus. with numerous plates some full  page co-pub. Melb. Schwatz & Wilkinson &  The  Jewish Museum of Aust. 1990 illus.wps. 4to. pp.424. Fine copy.    Price: $35.00
  27. BASS GEORGE F. A History Of Seafaring Based on Underwater Archaeology. profusely illus. with plates t/out. some full page & col. text drawings; pub. Lond. Thames & Hudson 1972 1st ed. d/w. 4to. pp.320. Almost fine copy    Price: $65.00
  28. BASSETT-LOWKE LTD.  Model Ship Catalogue (Section S) illus. with b/w. photo plates of model steam, electric engines, ships, yachts, fittings, etc. with descriptions and prices; pub. London Bassett-Lowke & Co. 1910 or. black & white wrappers, roy.8vo. pp.66. Little chipped to spine otherwise very good.   Price: $350.00
  29. BASSETT MARNIE Realms & Islands. The World Voyage of Rose de  Freycinet  in the Corvette Uranie 1817-1820.  From  her Journal and Letters and the Reports of Louis de Saulces  de Freycinet  Captaine  de Corvette. Round  the  world  voyage which included a shipwreck and a visit to Australia and New Guinea. illus. with frontis. & 22 full page plates t/out. 3 maps, e/paper maps pub. Lond.  Oxford  Uni.  Press  1962 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.XII.276. Fine copy.    Price: $145.00
  30.  BASSETT  MARNIE Behind The Picture.  H.M.S.  Rattlesnake's Australia  New  Guinea  Cruise 1846 to  1850.  illus.  with frontis. & 20 full page plates t/out. e/paper & 2 text maps fold out col. plate at rear of H.M.S. Rattlesnake in  Evans Bay,  Cape  York 1849 by Oswald Brierly pub.  Melb.  Oxford Uni.  Press  1966 d/w. 8vo.  pp.XII.112.  Very good copy.    Price: $60.00
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  31. BATESON CHARLES The Convict Ships 1788-1868. illus. with frontis. & 19 full page plates t/out. pub. Glasgow Brown & Son 1959 1st ed. d/w. cr.4to. pp. X.356. Almost fine copy    Price: $150.00
  32. BATESON CHARLES Gold Fleet For California. Forty Niners from Australia and New Zealand. with 6 full page plates t/out. illus. folding e/papers, pub. Syd Ure Smith 1963 1st ed. fore edge pages rough cut, d/w. 8vo. pp.172. Almost fine copy.    Price: $60.00
  33. BATESON  CHARLES Australian Shipwrecks. Including Vessels wrecked en route to or from Australia, and some strandings. Vol.I.  1622-1850.  Lists all wrecks in  documentary  form. illus.  with several text plates t/out. e/paper maps  pub. Adel. Rigby 1972 1st.ed. 4to. pp.268. Fine copy.    Price: $95.00
  34. BATESON  CHARLES Dire Strait. The history of Bass  Strait. profusely  illus. with plates t/out. many full page &  col. pub. Syd. for B.H.P. 1978 d/w. 4to. pp.112. Fine.    Price: $35.00
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  35. BATY SCOTT Ships That Passed. The Gorious Era of Travel to Australia and New Zealand. profusely illus. with text plates t/out. International passenger shipping services in Australian waters. Pictorial and biographical 'roll call' of those liners from past decades. pub. Syd. Reed 1984 1st ed. d/w. 4to. pp. 328. Fine copy.    Price: $95.00      Convert Currency   Parcel Costs

  36.  BAYERSTOCK  W. The America's Cup.  Challenge  from  Down Under.  The  story of the brash Australian  challenges  for yachting's Holy Grail. profusely illus. with plates  t/out. many  full page & col. pub. Syd. K.G. Murray Pub. Co.  1967 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.176. fine in the sl. torn d/w.    Price: $45.00
  37. BAXTER  RICHARD  Stand by To Surface.  Submarine  warfare, W.W.II.  illus. with 16 full page plates t/out. pub.  Lond. 1944 8vo. pp.208. Very good copy. Price: $35.00
  38. BAYNHAM HENRY From The Lower Deck. The Old Navy 1740-1840. illus.  with  col. frontis. & 12 full  page  plates  t/out. folding  diagram of full-rigged ship at rear.  pub.  Lond. Hutchinson 1969 1st.ed. 8vo. pp.XII.200. Price: $20.00  
  39. BEAGLEHOLE  J.C. Ed. by.  The Journals Of Captain James Cook. 3 Vols. Vol.I. pp.CCLXXXIV.684 The Voyage of the Endeavour, 1768-1771, illus. with col. frontis. Maps, some folding b/w. plates text figures, appendices, bibliography, indices; pub. 1955 Vol.II. pp.CLXX.1022 The Voyage of the Resolution and Adventure 1772-1775 illus. with col. frontis. Maps, some folding b/w. plates pub. 1961, and Portfolio with slip-case of Charts and Views Drawn by His Officers and Reproduced from the Original Manuscripts, folio. Volume IV. being The Life Of Captain James Cook, concludes the series. pp.XI.760. pub. Lond. Cambridge University Press for the Hakluyt Society or. blue cl. gold embossed figure of Cook on all vols. glt. ltg. to spine d/w.'s on three vols. roy.8v. 1st ed. fine set. Includes Cook and the Russians. An addedum or. wrappers 8vo. pp.10.    Price: $1900.00    Convert Currency   Parcel Costs
    BEAN C.E.W. The Dreadnought Of The Darling. with frontis. & 6 full page plates t/out. e/paper illus. pub. Syd.  Angus & Robertson 1956 (first pub. 1911) school  crest (prize) embossed  to f/bd. pp.XII.256. d/w. pp.XII.256. new  preface written for this ed. by the author. sl. chipped d/w. else fine.   Price: $150.00
  40. BEAVIS BILL Sailors' Crafts. profusely illus. with  plates & dwgs.  t/out. some full page pub. Lond. George  Allen  & Unwin 1981 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.122. sl. marked else very good.    Price: $45.00
  41. BEDDINGTON CLAUDE    We Sailed From Brixham. Cruise in a small yacht from England and around the Mediterranean illus. with frontis. dgms. of yacht & 53 plates t/out. pub. Lond. Peter Davies 1938 8vo. pp.304. Mediterranean, Red Sea and West African coast sailing in 'Cachelot', a 76' gaff-rigged ketch built on the lines of a Brixham trawler. Excellent description of passages and places visited, with historical accounts of more interesting places visited. Mapped endpapers for each voyage. Light stain to spine, boards shelf worn else good copy.     Price: $45.00
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  42. BEEBE WILLIAM Half Mile Down. History of diving and story of  exploring  in a bathysphere off  Bermuda.  illus.  with frontis. e/paper  maps, 7 full page plates in col.  &  123 b/w. pub. Lond. John Lane The Bodley Head 1935 1st.ed. or. blk. illus. cl. roy.8vo. pp.XX.348. Very good copy.    Price: $100.00
  43. BEKKER C.D. Swastika At Sea. The Struggle and  Destruction of the German Navy 1939-1945. illus. with frontis.  &  24 full  page  plates  t/out. pub. Lond.  Wiliam  Kimber  1954 d/w. 8vo. pp.208. account from eye-witnesses of the struggle and destruction of the German Navy during WW2Very good copy.  Price: $45.00
  44. BENSON E.F.   Sir Francis Drake. with e/paper maps, frontis. &  7  full page plates pub. Lond. Bodley Head  1927 8vo. pp.315. v/good copy.    Price: $45.00
  45. BENT  MIKE   Steamers Of The Fjords. Bergen  Shipping  Since 1839. profusely illus. with b/w. text plates t/out.  &  50 pages of  line  dwgs.  of  the  ships  pub.  Lond.  Conway Maritime Press 1989 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.224.    Price: $70.00
  46. BERCKMAN  EVELYN Victims Of Piracy. The Admiralty Court 1575-1678.  wth e/paper illus. & 8 full page plates  t/out. pub.  Lond. Hamilton 1979 1st.ed. d/w. 8vo.  pp.134.    Price: $40.00
  47. BERESFORD Lord CHARLES The Memoirs Of Admiral Lord Charles Beresford.  Written by Himself. Covers war in the  Sudan & Egyptian  War in 2 Vols. illus. with frontis. & 23  full  page plates  t/out. pub. Lond. Methuen 1914  1st.ed. glt. illus. & ltg. to f/bds. & spine 8vo. pp.578,30  advts. ex.lib.  sl.  rubbed, spotting to edges &  e/papers,  lacks f/free  e/paper (one vol.) internally clean, no lib.  marks except on rear past-down e/paper.   Price: $100.00
  48. BERTRAND  JOHN As told to Patrick Robinson. Born To Win. Lifetime Struggle to Capture the America's Cup. illus. with 24  full page plates pub. U.S.A. Bantam Books 1985 d/w. 8vo. pp.XXIV.386.    Price: $35.00
  49. BISSET  SIR  JAMES Sail Ho! My early years  at  sea.  with illus. e/papers  & 16 full page plates  t/out.  pub.  Syd. Angus & Robertson 1959 or. blue cl. 8vo. pp.XVI.288. sl.  rubbed otherwise fine.    Price: $40.00
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  50. BISSET  JAMES Author was Ex-Commodore of the Cunard Line. Tramps and Ladies. My early years in Steamers. with e/paper maps  col. frontis. & 14 full page plates t/out. pub.  Syd. Angus & Robertson 1960 d/w. 8vo. pp.XVI.316. fine in sl. torn d/w. lacks f/free e/paper.    Price: $35.00
  51. BLIGH  Lieutenant WILLIAM A Voyage To  The  South  Sea. Undertaken  by Command of His Majesty, For the  Purpose  of conveying  The Bread-Fruit tree to the West Indies, In  His Majesty's Ship The Bounty, Commanded by Lieutenant  William Bligh. Included An Account of the Mutiny On Board the  Said Ship, and the Subsequent Voyage of Part of the Crew, in the Ship's  Boat, From Tofoa, one of the Friendly  Islands,  to Timor,  A  Dutch Settlement in the East Indies.  the  Whole Illustrated  with  Charts,  &c. (7  folding)  Published  by Permission  of  the Lords Commissioners of  the  Admiralty. pub.  Lond.  1792.  This facsimile  ed.  pub.  Adel.  State Library of S.A. 1969 or. cr.4to. pp.264.    Price: $250.00      Convert Currency   Parcel Costs
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  52. BLIGH  Lieutenant WILLIAM A Voyage To  The  South  Sea. Undertaken  by Command of His Majesty, For the  Purpose  of conveying  The Bread-Fruit tree to the West Indies, In  His Majesty's Ship The Bounty, Commanded by Lieutenant  William Bligh. Included An Account of the Mutiny On Board the  Said Ship, and the Subsequent Voyage of Part of the Crew, in the Ship's  Boat, From Tofoa, one of the Friendly  Islands,  to Timor,  A  Dutch Settlement in the East Indies.  the  Whole Illustrated  with  Charts,  &c. (7  folding)  Published  by Permission  of  the Lords Commissioners of  the  Admiralty. pub.  Lond.  1792.  This facsimile  ed.  pub.  Honolulu Rare Books 1967 or. lt. blue cl. cr.4to. pp.264.    Price: $200.00
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  53. BLIGH  Lieutenant WILLIAM A Narrative Of The Court Martial. And BLIGH'S ANSWER On Board His Majesty's Ship Bounty; And the Subsequent Voyage of part of the Crew In The Ship's Boat.  From Tofoa, one of the Friendly  Islands,  to Timor,  A  Dutch Settlement in the East Indies.  Illustrated  with  Charts, (1790) with MINUTES OF THE COURT MARTIAL held at Portsmouth Aug. 12 1792, on Ten Persons charged with Mutiny Charts, with an appendix containing a full account of the Real Causes and Circumstances of that unhappy transaction, the most hitherto have been withheld from the public. By Edward Christian (1794) BLIGH'S ANSWER TO CERTAIN ASSERTIONS CONTAINED IN The Appendix to a Pamphlet entitled Minutes of the Proceedings on the Court Martial  held at Portsmouth (1792) EDWARS CHRISTIAN'S SHORT REPLY to Captain William Bligh's Answer. Published Melb. this facsimile ed. is the second volume of The Australian Facsimiles and is printed for Georgian House P/L by The Advertiser Printing Office Adelaide 1954 or. full leather bound, gilt lettering and decoration to spine. The four items above in one vol. cr.4to. pp.IV.88 IV.80 II.32 folding plan of Bounty's launch & 3 charts (folding) Limited to 1000 numbered copies of which this is No.209. very fine, bright copy.    Price: $400.00      Convert Currency   Parcel Costs
  54. BLIGH WILLIAM  The Mutiny On Board  H.M.S.  Bounty 1789.Facsimile   extracts  of  William  Bligh's   `Bounty'   Log recording  the  mutiny  and a  day-by-day  account  of  the hazardous 4,000-mile open-boat voyage that followed. illus. with  frontis. 2 facsimile eng. plates & several text  pub. Lond. Pageminster   Press   1981   d/w.   folio. pp.unnumbered (XII.200).    Price: $55.00
  55. BLOND GEORGES  Ordeal Below Zero illus. with 20 b/w photos, pub. London: Souvenir Press, 1956 1st. ed. d/w. 8vo. pp.200. Account of the allied convoys of supplies to Murmansk and Archangel in Russia through the Arctic Ocean during WW2. Tape marks to e/papers and d/w. name to Contents page, else good clean copy.    Price: $30.00
  56. BONE DAVID W. Merchantmen-At-Arms. The British Merchants' Service  in  the War. illus. with frontis. & 15  full  page reproduced  dwgs.  by  Muirhead Bone pub.  Lond.  Chatto  & Windus 1929 8vo. pp.XXII.312. sl. rubbed.    Price: $45.00
  57. BONNEMAINS JACQUELINE ELLIOTT FORSYTH and BERNARD SMITH Ed. by. Baudin In Australian Waters. The Artwork of the French Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Lands 1800-1804. With a complete descriptive catalogue of drawings and paintings of Australian subjects by C.A. Leueur and N.M. Petit from  the Lesueur  Collection at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle,  Le Harve, France. with e/paper maps & many plates t/out.  many full  page  & col. bibliography, general index and scientific index. pub. Melb. Oxford  University  Press  in Acssoc.  with  Aust.  Academy of  Humanities  1988  1st.ed. d/w. folio pp.348. Departing Le Havre in 1800, Baudin's expedition comprised two ships--the Naturaliste and the Geographe--and 238 men, including 22 scientists. For most of the next three-and-a half years they travelled along the western and southern coasts of Australia, charting the coastline and landscape, studying the habits of Aborigines, and collecting specimens of the region's indigenous animal life. This book is a collection of the ethnographical and zoological drawings and paintings resulting from Baudin's voyage. Now housed at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle in Le Havre, these rare and beautiful illustrations--over 300 in all--depict a wide range of human and animal life, from Aboriginal rites, habits, and homes, to sponges, fish, birds, and mammals, including a number of now-extinct species. Sl. faded to top of d/w. else fine.   Price: $350.00
  58. BOOTH E.C. TALBOT Founded, Compiled, Drawn and Edited by. Assisted by E.B.R. SARGENT Merchant Ships 1943. illus. with over  900 half-tone plates and 2.400 line dwgs.  of  ships, 840  line  dwgs.  of House Flags and 1,520  line  dwgs.  of funnels for recognition. pub. Lond. Sampson Low, Marston  & Co.  1943 The Standard Work of Reference on Merchant  Ships of  the World. 4to.obl. pp.unnumbered  (approx 800). v/good copy.    Price: $350.00 
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  189. FLEXNER  JAMES  THOMAS Steamboats  Come  True. American Inventors   In  Action.  Author  uncovers  the   intriguing evidence  of  simultaneous invention of the  steamboat  and other tinkerers,  dreamers,  crackpots,   and   financial entrepreneurs  all  pursuing  the same  goal.  illus.  with frontis. & 16 plates t/out. many full page, e/paper  illus. pub. U.S.A. Little Brown 1978 d/w. 8vo. pp.XXII.406. Fine.    Price: $60.00
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  191. FORCE NINE  And More. High Winds, Wild  Seas  -Stories  of Australians  who  fought  them and  survived.  with  illus. e/papers  and many b/w. plates t/out. some full  page  pub. Syd. Murray 1969 1st.ed. d/w. 4to. pp.168. Fine copy.    Price: $40.00
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  192. FOSTER  CECIL  Master  Mariner  (Captain  of   the   S.S. `Trevessa'). 1700 Miles In Open Boats. The story  of  the loss  of the S.S. Trevessa in the Indian Ocean, and  voyage of  her boats  to safety.  The  ship  left  Freemantle  W. Australia.  on her last voyage. illus. with frontis.  &  32 full  page plates t/out. pub. Lond. Martin  Hopkinson  1924 8vo. pp.XII.174 folding map of voyage at rear, n/paper clipping loosely inserted. bds. sl. rubbed.    Price: $125.00
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  193. FOSTER LEONIE Port Phillip Shipwrecks. An Historical Survey. 4 vols. illus. with several text plates, maps pub. Melbourne, Victorian Archaeological Survey, Dept. of Conservation and Environment 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 or. yellow illus. wrappers, black cl. binding to spines, 4to.tall pp.Vol.I.132 Vol.II.170 Vol.III.138 Vol.IV.150. fine set.    Price: $160.00
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  200. FROST ALAN Arthur Phillip 1738-1814. His  Voyaging.  with e/paper  maps  and numerous plates t/out.  some  col.  pub. Melb. Oxford Uni. Press 1987 1st.ed.  d/w.  sm.4to. pp.320. Fine copy.    Price: $55.00
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  202. FUCHIDA MITSUO & Masatake Okumiya; Midway The Battle That Doomed Japan : The Japanese Navy's Story illus. with e/paper maps b/w. photographs (37) line drawings (10); pub. London Hutchinson 1957 d/w. 8vo. pp.264. Very good copy, chipped d/w.    Price: $45.00
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  204. FULTON PAMELA JEANNE Translated and ed. by. The Minerva Journal Of John Washington Price. A Voyage from Cork Ireland, to Sydney New South Wales, 1798-1800. illus. with title page vign. & 30 col. plates t/out. 3 maps, facsimile letter, pub. Melb. Miegunyah Press 2000 1st ed. d/w. cr.4to. pp.XVIII.290 Fine copy.    Price: $110.00
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  207. GABY  CAPT. JAMES Mate In Sail. with photo plates  &  full page  col.  illus. t/out. pub. Syd.  Antipodean  Pub.  1974 d/w. 4to. pp.288. Almost fine copy.    Price: $40.00
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  211. GILL  G.  HERMON Royal Australian Navy  1939-1942.  illus. with  numerous  plates  t/out.  pub.  Canberra  Aust.   War Memorial   1957-68   1st.ed's.  roy   8vo.   d/w's pp.Vol.I.XVIII.686 Vol.II.XVIII.754. 2 vols. fine.    Price: $200.00
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